Scent stream

device is connected to the central ventilation system

Scent stream is currently the most advanced and most effective scenting device in the world that is intended for all large commercial spaces such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, casinos or any other business area the size of 400 to 40.000m2.

Scent stream fragrance system is connected directly to the central ventilation through which it evenly and efficiently covers the largest business areas. The device is noiseless and works equally well during the cooling and heating of the space.

The advantage of this device for refreshment of area is that it’s completely invisible to all visitors since it is connected directly to the central ventilation.
The device works on the principle of “Dry Air” (No aerosols or sprays)

Through a sophisticated computer device it can be precisely programmed in terms of the mode as well as the possibility of very precise adjustment of fragrance intensity.
We offer over 2000 of the finest fragrant essences that are selected on the basis of industry.

28 cm
15 cm
Type of refill
Liquid essences
Covers spaces up to
5000 m2
Works on
220 V

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