Aromatic organic cubes

Aromatic organic cubes are composed of plant and wood fibers, and soaked into the finest scented essences. Therefore they are environmentally friendly.

Aromatic organic cubes refresh the space by using dry air that comes out of specially designed fragrance and noise free dispensers (No aerosol spray or synthetic fragrances)

The biggest advantage of this system is that scented dry air is constantly floating in space, and thus effectively covers large and small commercial spaces. On the other hand, aerosols have a temporary effect as they are heavier than air and tend to fall to the surface .

So, the fragrance is present continuously, and at any time while the power is on.

Devices that use such scenting are: Aroma Jet and Aroma Classic

Aroma Cubes are ideal for all areas from 5 to 120 m2.

The offer includes fruit, herbal, edible and refreshing fragrances.

Fragrances are changed automatically every 25 days. IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has evaluated the fragrances safe for human and generally safe for the environment.


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