Aroma classic

is attached on the wall on the height of 2m

The device is designed for air freshening, such as offices, hotel rooms, hallways, locker rooms, waiting rooms, toilets, offices, as well as residential spaces up to 30m2.

This Aroma Brand device operates on the principle of “Dry air” which means that by continuous usage of fan it discreetly puts scented dry air in your space (no aerosols, spray ..). The device uses ecological flavor (Refill) made of plant and wood fibers and soaked into the finest scent essences.

The device uses minimum 1 scented cube. 2 are recommended (max 3) depending on fragrance intensity you want to achieve. The device can be attached to the wall or simply placed on a table or shelf. It uses D1, alkaline batteries that have duration of 30 days. This is currently the most effective and most affordable air refreshment system in the world.

28 cm
15 cm
Type of refill
Aromatic organic cubes
Covers spaces up to
30 m2
Works on
The device works on batteries

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