AB home

Experience a completely different way to infuse your home or business space with fragrance. This unique and exclusive aroma device, currently the only one on the market that uses luxury liquid essences, is already favored by many hotel chains, prestigious business spaces, and companies worldwide. Now, you too can apply and enjoy these same benefits in your apartment, house, or office space.

Our offer also includes specially formulated essences designed to neutralize tobacco smoke, kitchen smells, and other unpleasant odors. With their beautiful design, refreshing and soothing scents, and easy mode of application, AB Home devices represent cutting-edge technology in the realm of modern and original solutions.

In a world where we use a host of interesting and necessary applications, imagine owning a device for fragrance dispersion that operates via an app. It’s simple to use, quiet in operation, discreet, and covers an area of up to 60m2.

Our wide range of premium liquid essences surely includes your favorite scents like Florals, Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Herbal, Pine, or Citrus, which will transform your home or workspace into a more beautiful, better, and pleasant place to be.

Each scent is composed of at least 10 different premium essences and comes with a certificate guaranteeing the absence of harmful contents.

With its unique aesthetic, the device stands out, adding a decorative element to your space. You can even select your favorite color to match your chosen fragrance.


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