Aroma Brand

When your space become part of nature

Aroma Brand was founded in 2010. and it’s specialized for professional refreshment of all business premises from 5 to 50 000m2.

Our company regionally represents  2 largest US companies:


which are considered to be world leaders when it comes to the scenting of premises.

We were recognized by our clients as the only company in Serbia that has the solution for practically all commercial premises such as hotels, shopping malls, casinos, banks, Spa & Wellness, office buildings, furniture, cars or most retail stores.

We also offer the possibility of special fragrance marketing for your brand which has been used in the world for the past 10 years.

For example: If coffee is what you are promoting, the smell of coffee in the area during the promotion will certainly attract the attention of your buyers.

We offer over 2 000 of the finest scents that are carefully selected for each client, based on the industry and interior design. This makes them have their own unique fragrance that distinguishes them from the competition.

Hundreds of satisfied customers whose premises we “adorned” with fragrances are the quality guarantee of refreshment service that we have been delivering for the past several years.

Others about us

  • "After introducing scent system in our offices, we realized that a refreshed place with excellent fragrances causes a positive reaction with many of our clients"

    Manager of a Telekom store

  • "The fragrances in our hotel have definitely adorned the ambience and they are observed as a novelty and change for the better by our guests"

    House keeping department of Crown Plaza hotel

  • "When you have lots of customers wondering what it smells nicely in the lounge car, then you know that the selection of the fragrances was adequate and of high quality"

    Skoda lounge car

  • "There are fragrances that make people indifferent and those that move human emotion and joy... We've opted for the second option"

    C&A (Shopping center Plaza