• ” Let your guests notice a positive change as soon as they enter the hotel lobby “

  • ” Using carefully selected fragrance notes for shopping malls create a memorable impression on 90% of visitors “

  • ” We offer 2000 unique essences, all carefully selected for each business space and activity “

  • ” Transform the scents of tabacco and kitchen into refined fragrance notes that complent your hospitality concept “

  • ” Decorate your work environment with irresistible aoma brand fragrance notes “

  • ” Let customers recognize you by your authentic retail store fragrance note “

  • ” From now on , you can decorate your living space with the first-class scents used by many 5* hotels around the world “

  • ” Be original and use the “ My signature scent” option and let us create a unique fragrance note just for your company and your concept “

  • ” Infuse your wellness and Spa center with relaxing aromatic herbal-based scents that add the final touch to your ambience “

Why scents?

The sense of smell is our most sensitive and the most sensitive sense that functions constantly i.e 24 hours. The sense of smell is directly linked to memory and emotions that are found in the same part of our brain. Due to these facts, the impression of scented space stays permanently in our memory.

increased interest in your products


initiates spontaneous shopping


Improves mood and productivity of employees



We offer over 2000 of the finest scents selected in accordance with your industry, interior and the size of your business premises.


AB home

Experience a completely different way to infuse your home or business space with fragrance. This unique and exclusive aroma device, currently the only one on the market that uses luxury liquid essences, is already...


Scent stream

Scent stream is currently the most advanced and most effective scenting device in the world that is intended for all large commercial spaces such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, casinos or any other...


Scent direct

This powerful machine for professional refreshment of business premises covers all spaces up to 300 m2. The device has a sophisticated computer through which you can make the most precise adjustment of the intensity...


Aroma classic

The device is designed for air freshening, such as offices, hotel rooms, hallways, locker rooms, waiting rooms, toilets, offices, as well as residential spaces up to 30m2. This Aroma Brand device operates on the...


Promo video


Coca Cola & Aroma Brand

Coca Cola promoted its new global slogan “Taste the feeling” in Madlenianum on 21.01.2016. The greatest innovation during the promotion were moments of introducing the auditorium to the authentic fragrance...



Our satisfied customers are: hotels, telecommunication companies, casinos, car and furniture showrooms, office buildings, shopping malls, retail outlets, spa & wellness ...